• What are medical grade diapers

    What are medical grade diapers

    Medical-grade diapers mean that the production environment, raw materials, and testing standards are more stringent than ordinary national standard diapers. It is the hygiene and safety of the product that meets the medical care and standards. In short, it is higher than the national standard. In...
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  • How to choose a reliable diaper

    How to choose a reliable diaper

    Diapers are popular and loved by mothers because of their flexibility, convenience, comfort and ease of wearing. Not only babies, but adult diapers are also very popular. Because it is comfortable to wear, move freely and so on. So how to choose a reliable diaper, today I will give you a popular ...
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  • Is it shameful to wear adult diapers(part 2)

    Is it shameful to wear adult diapers(part 2)

    Second, how to choose a good diaper   When choosing a diaper, you should also compare the appearance of the diaper and choose the right diaper, so that it will play the role that the diaper should play.   1.Diapers with leak-proof design, good leak-proof design can prevent urine leakage. The so-c...
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  • Chicken liver is a supplement or a drug for pets

    Chicken liver contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus and other ingredients. Many shovelers will give their pets chicken liver. But if you search for things about dogs eating chicken liver, you will see a lot of poisoning reminders. In fact, the reason is very simpl...
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  • Is it shameful to wear adult diapers(part 1)

    Is it shameful to wear adult diapers(part 1)

    When it comes to diapers, many people think it’s baby diapers. Diapers are not “for babies”. There is also a type of diaper, although it may embarrass many people, it is a “little expert” in life. In many cases, it can help us solve various small problems, especially...
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  • Can women wear adult diapers during their menstrual period

    Adult diapers have a large absorption capacity. If there is not a lot of menstrual blood, I suggest that you can use adult pull-up pants, which are lighter than diapers and have enough absorption. Adult pull-up pants are mainly used to absorb urine, and can also absorb menstrual blood. Similar to...
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  • How to Reduce Vitamin Loss During Pet Food Processing

    Loss of vitamins during pet food processing For proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals, processing has relatively little effect on their bioavailability, while most vitamins are unstable and easily oxidized, decomposed, destroyed, or lost, so processing will affect their products. It has a g...
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  • Factors Affecting Nutrient Digestibility in Pet Food

    Ⅰ.The factors of the diet 1. The source of dietary components and the absolute content of nutrients will affect the determination of digestibility. In addition to this, the effect of dietary processing on digestibility cannot be ignored. 2. Reducing the particle size of dietary raw materials can ...
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